“A product manager by profession, and a day-dreamer by sun sign”

I love storytelling and this website is an attempt to tell my own story and share experiences. Hope you will like it. Go ahead and dive in.

Thank you for visiting.

— Sunny Dua

Product Management

Eat, Sleep, Drink, Dream and Breathe problems. Yes, you read it right. Discovering problems, understanding who are impacted, finding innovative solutions and realizing value for both users and businesses is what I love doing. For more about my work see this page.

Career Advice

I believe in sharing experiences. I cannot tell you what career to choose, but I might be able to help you discover yourself, unlock your potential and open the locked doors within your mind. I do this to learn from others by exploring perspectives. You can schedule on my calendar and I will show up.

Technology Consulting

Providing sane advice on use of technology to solve business problems. From small startups to the world’s largest bank, a simple challenge to extremely complex scenarios, I have had a privellege to work with all. Still learning & sharing. If you are looking for some help. Reach out via twitter.

Community Work

We all spend a lot of time thinking about ourself, which is fair. As you start to look for happiness inwards you realize that real happiness is in giving happiness to others. In pursuit of happiness, I realized what I was looking to buy for myself is availble by a simple gesture of giving back.

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