What if I am laid off?

The LinkedIn posts about people losing their jobs just keep on pouring. This is definitely a hard time and if I can help anyone with a reference, a piece of advice, or anything else that can help them in this difficult time, then please DM me. I wanted to share my personal story with thisContinue reading “What if I am laid off?”

Achievement Unlocked… Stanford LEAD.

This one has been long time pending, but guess what, it is never too late to #celebrate. After 9 courses, 89 assignments, around 1000 hours of learnings, numerous industry leading case studies and life changing interactions with my professors, course facilitators and the amazing LEAD peers, I am ECSTATIC to share that I have finallyContinue reading “Achievement Unlocked… Stanford LEAD.”

Log Insight Cloud! What is that thing?

After my last post a lot questions popped up in the community about what is Log Insight Cloud? How it is different from Log Insight On-prem and if I could talk more about the following context from my previous post: “Alongside the robust business in the on-prem world, I will also be working with anContinue reading “Log Insight Cloud! What is that thing?”

A new year brings new challenges and opportunities

After 4+ years of working as a Product Manager in multiple different capacities for vRealize Operations and vRealize Operations Cloud, I have been asked to take over and run the Logs business here at VMware. I am fortunate to get this opportunity that comes with a great product named vRealize Log Insight, that has helpedContinue reading “A new year brings new challenges and opportunities”

Monitor Tanzu Kubernetes clusters using vRealize Operations

Overview Whether it is containers or virtual machines, the end goal of organizations is to have a highly available, reliable and a scalable platform to run their business applications. With vSphere 7.0, VMware provides a unified platform to run your applications, by leveraging vSphere with Kubernetes. In a previous post, we shared how vRealize OperationsContinue reading “Monitor Tanzu Kubernetes clusters using vRealize Operations”

vRealize Operations Cloud – The one stop shop for multi-cloud operations is LIVE

About vRealize Operations Cloud: Along with vRealize Operations 8.1, VMware just made the vRealize Operations Cloud service go live. VMware vRealize Operations Cloud is a cloud-delivered service that allows a customer’s infrastructure and operations teams to manage the enterprise’s VMware Cloud environment, whether in the customer’s own on-premises software-defined data center (“SDDC”) or in theContinue reading “vRealize Operations Cloud – The one stop shop for multi-cloud operations is LIVE”

vRealize Operations 8.1 is out. Here is everything you need to know.

VMware just announced the General Availability of vRealize Operations 8.1. I wanted to quickly share the high-level capabilities that are coming with this release. These are based on key themes of VMware’s Cloud Operations vision.  vRealize Operations Manager 8.1 delivers new and enhanced capabilities for self-driving operations to help customers optimize, plan, and scale VMwareContinue reading “vRealize Operations 8.1 is out. Here is everything you need to know.”

vRealize Operations dashboards to monitor VMware Cloud on AWS

I have seen a number of asks for dashboards that can help with monitoring specific use cases related to VMware Cloud on AWS. With this post, I will share four such dashboards that I have been working on pertaining to VMC monitoring use cases. Special thanks to William Lam for guiding me with the bestContinue reading “vRealize Operations dashboards to monitor VMware Cloud on AWS”

Everything you need to know about the vRealize Operations 8.0 release

The wait is over. vRealize Operations 8.0 is NOW Available. Here are my prescribed next steps: 1- See What’s New – https://blogs.vmware.com/management/2019/10/whats-new-in-vrealize-operations-8-0-2.html 2- Read the release notes (PLEASE🙃) – https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Operations-Manager/8.0/rn/vRealize-Operations-Manager-80.html 3- Download the bits from here – https://my.vmware.com/en/web/vmware/info/slug/infrastructure_operations_management/vmware_vrealize_operations/8_0 4- Ensure to run the Upgrade Assessment Tool, available on the download page:       5-Continue reading “Everything you need to know about the vRealize Operations 8.0 release”

Leveraging "Cloud Type" to configure VMware Cloud vCenter in vRealize Operations

With this post, I wanted to share a quick tip which one should follow while adding a vCenter Server running in VMware Cloud on AWS. With vRealize Operations, you can simply point to a VMC based vCenter and gather both vCenter and vSAN metrics from a VMC vCenter. While adding the endpoint is an extremelyContinue reading “Leveraging "Cloud Type" to configure VMware Cloud vCenter in vRealize Operations”