Pocket Size Magic for Designing your vSphere Infrastructure. Pre-order your copy now!!

A few weeks back PernixData (A flash virtualization OEM) came up with a project to author a community book which speaks about the most important vSphere Design Considerations. PernixData has recently launched there flagship product named PernixData FVP which will act as a Flash Storage for VMware Infrastructure. The idea behind this book was to get the best brains in the industry to share the vSphere Best Practices which should be considered while designing a VMware Infrastructure. Each design consideration mentioned in this book is “Tweet-Sized”, i.e. just 140 characters around the following areas of the vSphere Platform:-
–           Host design
–          Cluster design
–          vCenter design
–          Networking and Security design
–          Storage design

I participated in this community book and I am glad to inform that some of my suggested “Design Considerations” are selected and included in this book. The book is already published and will be distributed at VMworld2013 by PernixData.
Availability of the book at VMworld

If you would like a hard-copy of the book (and to meet some of the contributors), you can get this from the PernixData Booth (#2011). It will be exclusively available there from 4 pm to 5 pm every day.
Not at VMworld?
If you cannot make it to the VMworld 2013 or PernixData Booth, you can pre-order an electronic copy of the vSphere Design book here.
Want to know who all contributed?

Refer to the following post by Frank Denneman  – Announcing the vSphere Design Pocketbook Contributors

Published by Sunny Dua

Product Management Leader with 18 years of experience with Digital Transformation, Application Modernization, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Business Observability and AIOps. Led large product portfolios at VMware and now at AppDynamics. Passionate about defining vision, strategy and executing on complex product roadmaps to build successful and innovative products. A Stanford Graduate School of Business LEADer with interests in the field of Critical & Analytical Thinking, Strategic leadership and Design Thinking.

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