Two Big Results Today – Stepped into Fatherhood & Jumped into TOP 30 of TOP vBLOG 2014

Their are only a few dates which are close to my heart & 27th March 2014 has definitely taken the Top Spot in the list. 
It’s 2 in the night and I have already changed 5 diapers in the past 3 hours. The Demand in terms of vCOps in way higher than the allocation ;-). I am glad that my wife appreciates me doing so, but in the corner of my heart I know that this effort is minuscule in front of the mammoth task of carrying a baby for close to an year and then giving birth. Well, I don’t have the words to express the entire experience. But I am ECSTATIC to share that we were promoted from the role of Husband & Wife to PARENTS. 
That’s the FIRST BIG RESULT, I think the biggest we could have ever think of. It’s a healthy baby boy & both the mother and child are doing fine. 
Of-course in all this I had no chance to check the results of the TOP vBLOG 2014 on I did get an opportunity to peek into the podcast and I am absolutely delightful as a number of people I voted for are in the Top 25. I was not expecting to be there in the Top 25 list as I need to BLOG my ASS out to come close to the vBlog-Mafia who dish out fantastic blog posts one after the another. Anyways it was a great result and thanks once again to VEEAM for sponsoring the event and Eric Siebert for doing what he has year after year.. I can see this effort coming close to carrying a delivering a baby 😉 but yeah my Wifey still wins hands down 🙂
While I was getting ready to sleep (SLEEP LOL.. What’s that after a KID), I thought I would sleep but yeah, God had some other plans… Some more diapers and a few more messages and phone calls… I saw a Whatsapp IM from my buddy Lior Kamrat about him securing the #84th rank in his first year of blogging at He is my vCOps Hero and I learn a lot from him (Fantastic Guy).
In a few seconds I was mentioned in a tweet which looked like this:-
That’s the SECOND BIG RESULT. Needless to say that I jumped onto Eric’s website to check if that was not a typo by +abhilash hb. It was TRUE.. I actually jumped from the 151st spot last year to the 28th SPOT and landed in the TOP 30. It was the jump of 123 places.
I started writing at 2 AM and now its 9 AM here. I guess by now you know why it took me 7 hours to write this post…
OOOPPS… Time for another diaper change!! See you around!!

Published by Sunny Dua

Sunny Dua works as a Senior Product Line Manager for VMware’s Cloud Management business. His charter is to deliver Multi-Cloud solutions to reduce cloud complexity by leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence. His 16+ years of experience include technical and strategic roles for Hewlett Packard, Capgemini, and VMware. He is a hands-on Product Manager with deep knowledge of Cloud and Enterprise technologies. His current charter includes driving product strategy and roadmap for VMware’s vRealize portfolio within the VMware’s Multi-Cloud strategy.

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