Two Big Results Today – Stepped into Fatherhood & Jumped into TOP 30 of TOP vBLOG 2014

Their are only a few dates which are close to my heart & 27th March 2014 has definitely taken the Top Spot in the list. 
It’s 2 in the night and I have already changed 5 diapers in the past 3 hours. The Demand in terms of vCOps in way higher than the allocation ;-). I am glad that my wife appreciates me doing so, but in the corner of my heart I know that this effort is minuscule in front of the mammoth task of carrying a baby for close to an year and then giving birth. Well, I don’t have the words to express the entire experience. But I am ECSTATIC to share that we were promoted from the role of Husband & Wife to PARENTS. 
That’s the FIRST BIG RESULT, I think the biggest we could have ever think of. It’s a healthy baby boy & both the mother and child are doing fine. 
Of-course in all this I had no chance to check the results of the TOP vBLOG 2014 on I did get an opportunity to peek into the podcast and I am absolutely delightful as a number of people I voted for are in the Top 25. I was not expecting to be there in the Top 25 list as I need to BLOG my ASS out to come close to the vBlog-Mafia who dish out fantastic blog posts one after the another. Anyways it was a great result and thanks once again to VEEAM for sponsoring the event and Eric Siebert for doing what he has year after year.. I can see this effort coming close to carrying a delivering a baby 😉 but yeah my Wifey still wins hands down 🙂
While I was getting ready to sleep (SLEEP LOL.. What’s that after a KID), I thought I would sleep but yeah, God had some other plans… Some more diapers and a few more messages and phone calls… I saw a Whatsapp IM from my buddy Lior Kamrat about him securing the #84th rank in his first year of blogging at He is my vCOps Hero and I learn a lot from him (Fantastic Guy).
In a few seconds I was mentioned in a tweet which looked like this:-
That’s the SECOND BIG RESULT. Needless to say that I jumped onto Eric’s website to check if that was not a typo by +abhilash hb. It was TRUE.. I actually jumped from the 151st spot last year to the 28th SPOT and landed in the TOP 30. It was the jump of 123 places.
I started writing at 2 AM and now its 9 AM here. I guess by now you know why it took me 7 hours to write this post…
OOOPPS… Time for another diaper change!! See you around!!

Published by Sunny Dua

Product Management Leader with 18 years of experience with Digital Transformation, Application Modernization, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Business Observability and AIOps. Led large product portfolios at VMware and now at AppDynamics. Passionate about defining vision, strategy and executing on complex product roadmaps to build successful and innovative products. A Stanford Graduate School of Business LEADer with interests in the field of Critical & Analytical Thinking, Strategic leadership and Design Thinking.

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