A new year brings new challenges and opportunities

After 4+ years of working as a Product Manager in multiple different capacities for vRealize Operations and vRealize Operations Cloud, I have been asked to take over and run the Logs business here at VMware. I am fortunate to get this opportunity that comes with a great product named vRealize Log Insight, that has helped thousands of VMware customers with their log management strategy.

Alongside the robust business in the on-prem world, I will also be working with an awesome new team to ramp up the vRealize Log Insight Cloud business that happens to be the leading log platform for VMware Cloud. The big data and analytics capabilities combined with the modern scalable architecture is the key value proposition of this platform and I am confident that the rich set of multi cloud integrations will offer our customers a choice as they embark upon their journey from Private to Hybrid to Multi Cloud with modern applications riding on this modern infrastructure.

As I write this, I get to reflect upon the amazing journey I have had with vRealize Operations and all the attached strings such as my co-workers, customers, friends, the space of DevOps and Operations Management and of course my family who believes that vRealize Operations runs in my veins.

I could never say this before, but let me mention that it was always the eagerness to learn about the customer problem that ran in my veins, vROPS being the SWISS ARMY KNIFE, happens to have the solutions to all those problems 🙂

With this post, I want to THANK the entire community that supported and helped me and my team to take vROPS from Version 6.6 to version 8.2. Some of the work will also show up over the next 2 releases and I hope it will help our customers further with their day-to-day challenges. When I started, I was not sure that I will last for close to 8 awesome releases and launch a full-fledged cloud service. All seems like a blur and a dream to me.

This post would not be complete unless I give a shout out to the real heroes behind the success of vRealize Operations. The biggest role in my humble opinion was played by our engineering team based out of ARMENIA. This team is led by our engineering leader named Karen Aghajanyan. Blood and sweat would not be sufficient to describe the work they put in to make this product a world class operations tool with thousands of satisfied customers. Kudos, to our awesome user experience team and the tech marketing teams, without whom none of this would have been possible. Special thanks to Iwan Rahabok for being my partner in crime all this while. We have made a lot of memories together and I will cherish them for sure. A true team effort and I was fortunate to be in the right place in the right time.

The late-night grooming sessions with engineering, passionate prioritization discussions, involved design sessions, elaborate marketing and demo plans, the countless roadmap discussions, the escalation calls that turned out to be fun when all was resolved and the countless hours of community engagement, at the end of the day – IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!!!

The silver lining is that I still get to drive the strategy of brining logs and metrics together for the VMware Cloud platform and I would continue to discover problems and ideate on ways for solving them by combining the strength of metrics and logs all consumed from a common consumption surface of VMware Cloud.

I will close this post by sharing something that I read somewhere –

“New challenges make us NOVICE again, and one stays hungry and grounded as a NOVICE”

Looking forward to learning more and share more…

Published by Sunny Dua

Sunny Dua works as a Senior Product Line Manager for VMware’s Cloud Management business. His charter is to deliver Multi-Cloud solutions to reduce cloud complexity by leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence. His 16+ years of experience include technical and strategic roles for Hewlett Packard, Capgemini, and VMware. He is a hands-on Product Manager with deep knowledge of Cloud and Enterprise technologies. His current charter includes driving product strategy and roadmap for VMware’s vRealize portfolio within the VMware’s Multi-Cloud strategy.

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