Achievement Unlocked… Stanford LEAD.

This one has been long time pending, but guess what, it is never too late to #celebrate. After 9 courses, 89 assignments, around 1000 hours of learnings, numerous industry leading case studies and life changing interactions with my professors, course facilitators and the amazing LEAD peers, I am ECSTATIC to share that I have finally concluded the Stanford University Graduate School of Business LEADership program.

Stanford LEAD Professional Certificate – Sunny Dua

I am extremely thankful to my Stanford University community who introduced me to LEAD. The ever assuring Marineh Lalikian, who helped me at every step of my journey.

Prof. Peter DeMarzo and Prof. Sarah Soule, who laid the foundation of the LEAD program and created an opportunity for LEADers like myself to pursue and get exposure to the global wealth of knowledge through LEAD.

My LEAD faculty such as Prof. Haim Mendelson, Prof. Jeffrey Pfeffer, Prof. Jesper Sorensen, Prof. Stefanos Zenios, Prof. Margaret A. Neale, Prof. Jennifer Aaker and Prof. Naomi Bagdonas. Each one of them have left a lasting impression on the way I carry myself each and everyday at both work and in my personal life. THANK YOU Professors for what you do.

Given that I have build some amazing relations during this journey, I have a long list of coaches, course facilitators and my peer LEADers to thank for enriching my LEAD experience. Thank you to each one of you for being there for me.

A decision to pursue education while having a full set of responsibility both at work and in personal life is not something that comes by easily. I cannot close this post without giving a HUGE shoutout to my leadership at VMware, who inspired me to take on this opportunity. Purnima Padmanabhan – THANK YOU FOR BEING MY BEDROCK… Your support is one of the biggest catalyst for my transformation.

Lastly my family and my wife Roomi Banerjee Dua, who did all the husband and the father duties while I was busy with going through the case studies, group discussions and assignments during the weekends and late in nights. She has literally lived the #StanfordLEAD life by being right next to me at each and every milestone. THANK YOU WIFEY… 😀

As they say, learning should never end, I am happy to say that with support of my current employer, Cisco #AppDynamics, I am now pursuing the Stanford LEAD Distinguished Scholars Status: A designation given to Stanford LEADers who demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning, as evidenced by successfully completing four additional courses beyond those required to earn the LEAD Certificate.. Wish me luck….

Many of you have asked me about this program and I just have a single sentiment to share: “This has been the best decision for both my personal and professional life..”. If you wanna know more about #StanfordLEAD, I would highly encourage you to see this – You can also reach out to me and I am happy to share more.


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Published by Sunny Dua

Product Management Leader with 18 years of experience with Digital Transformation, Application Modernization, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Business Observability and AIOps. Led large product portfolios at VMware and now at AppDynamics. Passionate about defining vision, strategy and executing on complex product roadmaps to build successful and innovative products. A Stanford Graduate School of Business LEADer with interests in the field of Critical & Analytical Thinking, Strategic leadership and Design Thinking.

2 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked… Stanford LEAD.

  1. I really appreciate your efforts and dedication to learn. At same time congrats for your new journey to knowledge building by perusing Sandford Lead Dishtinguished Scholars programme. My best wishes will be always with you.


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