vSphere Design Pocket Book – Grab your free e-copy now!

A few days back I wrote about the vSphere Design Pocket Book being available for a pre-order in this article –¬†Pocket Size Magic for Designing your vSphere Infrastructure. Pre-order your copy now!! The book is now available for download and you can get a free e-copy through this link – Register and Download vSphere DesignContinue reading “vSphere Design Pocket Book – Grab your free e-copy now!”

PernixData – An overview and a lot of excitement!

I could not stop myself to write this article as I was pretty excited about what I am hearing and reading about PernixData.¬† PernixData is a start-up which is trying to innovate the old and left alone technology of Server Side Caching which could be a paradigm shift in the the field of how DatacenterContinue reading “PernixData – An overview and a lot of excitement!”