Configuring Policies in vCenter / vRealize Operations Manager!

A few days back, I had this opportunity to discuss vCOps policies with my colleagues during an internal enablement event at VMware. I thought that it would be useful to others if they can have a look at the deck I presented and can get cues from it as to how one should configure policiesContinue reading “Configuring Policies in vCenter / vRealize Operations Manager!”

Part 11 – Creating Policies & Configuring Badges in vCenter Operations Manager!

It’s been over a month since I wrote about vCOps. With this article I wanted to start sharing some of the content which I am creating as a video series around configuration of policies in vCenter Operations Manager.  This article and the upcoming articles will all be a part of the Back to Basics seriesContinue reading “Part 11 – Creating Policies & Configuring Badges in vCenter Operations Manager!”