Applications you can Virtualize on VMware vSphere Platform

Everytime I jump into any consolidation project, the first question I face is usually about whether the applications which are currently running on a Physical Server can be Virtualized or not. In-fact  their have been situations when I have got a list of 800 applications from one of our Partners to know if they can beContinue reading “Applications you can Virtualize on VMware vSphere Platform”

VMware vCenter Server – Physical vs. Virtual

This post is coming straight out of discussions I had with a client about, “How a vCenter Server should be deployed?”. Since vCenter manages a virtual infrastructure you can either install it on a physical x86 server or as a Virtual Machine. vCenter is an important machine and I have written about the importance of Protecting theContinue reading “VMware vCenter Server – Physical vs. Virtual”

VMworld 2012 – The countdown begins!!

10 days to VMworld 2012 and I thought I will write about the excitement I see in the x86 Virtualization market. The market is hot as ever and this time the theme is Who is better and Who can fulfill what the customer needs with the most efficient and cost effective solution. I have been working withContinue reading “VMworld 2012 – The countdown begins!!”