VMware vCenter Server – Physical vs. Virtual

This post is coming straight out of discussions I had with a client about, “How a vCenter Server should be deployed?”. Since vCenter manages a virtual infrastructure you can either install it on a physical x86 server or as a Virtual Machine. vCenter is an important machine and I have written about the importance of Protecting theContinue reading “VMware vCenter Server – Physical vs. Virtual”

Providing Protection & High Availability to a VMware vCenter Server..

vCenter being the heart of a virtual infrastructure can be considered as one of the most important piece of the puzzle. I have had numerous discussions with customers, colleagues and VMware partners about the importance of vCenter Availability and the options to protect the vCenter to improve the up-time and mitigate any risks around losing the control of yourContinue reading “Providing Protection & High Availability to a VMware vCenter Server..”