Monitor Tanzu Kubernetes clusters using vRealize Operations

Overview Whether it is containers or virtual machines, the end goal of organizations is to have a highly available, reliable and a scalable platform to run their business applications. With vSphere 7.0, VMware provides a unified platform to run your applications, by leveraging vSphere with Kubernetes. In a previous post, we shared how vRealize OperationsContinue reading “Monitor Tanzu Kubernetes clusters using vRealize Operations”

vRealize Operations 8.1 is out. Here is everything you need to know.

VMware just announced the General Availability of vRealize Operations 8.1. I wanted to quickly share the high-level capabilities that are coming with this release. These are based on key themes of VMware’s Cloud Operations vision.  vRealize Operations Manager 8.1 delivers new and enhanced capabilities for self-driving operations to help customers optimize, plan, and scale VMwareContinue reading “vRealize Operations 8.1 is out. Here is everything you need to know.”