Looking back at vRealize Operations Webinar Series 2016

The series started back in 2016 when Simon & I decided that we need to share the work which we are doing with our customers in the field. This would help individuals like us and customers to gain insight into how they can improve their operations by using the features which vROps has to offer.Continue reading “Looking back at vRealize Operations Webinar Series 2016”

vROps Webinar Series decks available for download

I have got a number of requests from the readers and viewers of vXpress about the presentation decks used during the vROps Webinar Series. While a lot of people complimented about the video series, they wanted to share some of this knowledge by presenting this information to their colleagues in their circles. I have collatedContinue reading “vROps Webinar Series decks available for download”

Announcement : Welcome 2016 with a vROps Webinar Series

Let me begin with wishing you and your loved ones a Happy and a Prosperous 2016. The year 2015 has been great fun around the blogging arena, however a constant feedback which I have received from my readers has been around learning more about vRealize Operations Manager. While readers enjoy the benefit of replicating theContinue reading “Announcement : Welcome 2016 with a vROps Webinar Series”