Automatically upgrade EPOps Agents using vROps 6.5

During the first episode of vROps Webinar Series, someone asked a question about how to upgrade the end point operations agents automatically using vROps UI. The feature is available with vROps 6.5 admin UI. The vROps 6.5 documentation is pretty comprehensive and one can easily find the steps here. Here is the extract from thatContinue reading “Automatically upgrade EPOps Agents using vROps 6.5”

vROps Webinar 2017 – Announcing Part 1 : What’s New with vROps 6.5

Welcome to the vRealize Operations Manager Webinar Series 2017. With the huge success of the series back in 2016, we wanted to take a break, enjoy the success and come back with full rigor for this series in 2017. We are here and we are charged up to give you some more dope on vRealizeContinue reading “vROps Webinar 2017 – Announcing Part 1 : What’s New with vROps 6.5”

Performance over Power : Make the right choice.

Power management is not a new topic when it comes to a hypervisor. We all know that one of the by product of virtualization is “POWER SAVINGS”. Even before you start realizing the other benefits of virtualization, power bills is the first Opex savings which makes that return on investment on virtualization speak for itself. Continue reading “Performance over Power : Make the right choice.”

What is Fast… A recent interview with David Davis!

Working from the VMware headquarters definitely has more benefits than getting great Indian Food and rubbing shoulders with the Whose Who of the Virtualization and Cloud Industry 🙂 On a busy Monday afternoon, I was told that +David Davis with his team from +ActualTech Media – is at the HQ and they are speaking with the Cloud Management BusinessContinue reading “What is Fast… A recent interview with David Davis!”

Using End Point Operations agent with vRealize Operations Manager

End Point Operations as a feature of vRealize Operations Manager is an area where I get a lot of questions. During a workshop with a customer today, I was asked about a number of things which rang a bell in my head. I spent some time with the customer to de-mystify a lot of apprehensionsContinue reading “Using End Point Operations agent with vRealize Operations Manager”

vRealize Operations Manager 6.5 is out. Operationalize with Confidence!

VMware just announced the release of vRealize Operations Manager 6.5. With its cadence of delivering a new version every few months with valuable features, VMware allows customers to quickly use the tool as a means to ease out operations of the Software Defined Datacenter.  We all know that operations is not easy. It is asContinue reading “vRealize Operations Manager 6.5 is out. Operationalize with Confidence!”

vROps is EASY!!!

While that sounds like a whacky title.. You will only believe when you see the video I am about to share… Full credit of this video goes to Matt Bradford who blogs at . He has clearly knocked it out of the park to show you how easy it is to make vRealize Operations Dashboards and howContinue reading “vROps is EASY!!!”

VMware releases the SDDC Management Health Solution 2.0

Back in the month of September, I wrote about the VMware SDDC Health Solution which would help you deploy a unified management pack within vROps to monitor the health of your SDDC Management Stack. During that first release, the product was limited to monitor vCenter and vRealize Operations Manager. I did mention that it was aContinue reading “VMware releases the SDDC Management Health Solution 2.0”

vROps Webinar Series 2016 – Part 11 – Getting more out of vROps with PowerCLI

Time to publish the recording for the 11th episode of the vROps Webinar Series. This time we were joined by Vinith Menon who spoke about getting more from your vROps builds with PowerCLI. Vinith demonstrated the many useful ways of leveraging PowerCLI to manage your vROps environments and also communicate with the vROps API. Huge thanks to Vinith Menon forContinue reading “vROps Webinar Series 2016 – Part 11 – Getting more out of vROps with PowerCLI”

#vROps Webinar Series – Part 11 – Getting more out of #vROps with PowerCLI

Another month has gone and Christmas is now looming large! It has been extremely busy but we still want to continue with the momentum of webinar series getting to the business end of the year. This time around we will talk about getting more out of vRealize Operations Manager using PowerCLI. This session we will be joinedContinue reading “#vROps Webinar Series – Part 11 – Getting more out of #vROps with PowerCLI”