See you at VMworld!!

Hope your bags are packed and you are heading towards Vegas for VMworld 2017. This year like every year if bigger and better and I am extrememly excited to be part of this game changing time in the industry.  Just in-case you are unable to attend this year, make sure you mark your calendar forContinue reading “See you at VMworld!!”

Demystifying vRealize Operations Data Collection

Around 3 years ago I wrote an article explaining the data collection process of vRealize Operations Manager. In that article, I wrote about the path followed by the data from source to destination. Fast forward 3 years and I still get questions about vROps data collection process and granularity.People have different notions about this, soContinue reading “Demystifying vRealize Operations Data Collection”

Part 3 – Operations Dashboards in vRealize Operations 6.6.

In my last post I gave you an overview of the new user interface of vRealize Operations 6.6 along with some other important enhancements. Do go through that post to get a context of what we are going to discuss here.With the introduction of Getting Started page within dashboards, one of the categories which is availableContinue reading “Part 3 – Operations Dashboards in vRealize Operations 6.6.”

Do It Yourself – vROps Ninja Sticker

In a recent collaboration with Simon Eady, we created a cool vROps sticker which came out really well post production. The sticker represents a Ninja who can solve world problems through vRealize Operations Manager.  I might have exaggerated the magnitude and capabilites of Mr. Ninja here 😜, but all it symbolises and relates to is aContinue reading “Do It Yourself – vROps Ninja Sticker”

VMware releases the SDDC Management Health Solution 2.0

Back in the month of September, I wrote about the VMware SDDC Health Solution which would help you deploy a unified management pack within vROps to monitor the health of your SDDC Management Stack. During that first release, the product was limited to monitor vCenter and vRealize Operations Manager. I did mention that it was aContinue reading “VMware releases the SDDC Management Health Solution 2.0”

vROps Webinar Series 2016 – Part 11 – Getting more out of vROps with PowerCLI

Time to publish the recording for the 11th episode of the vROps Webinar Series. This time we were joined by Vinith Menon who spoke about getting more from your vROps builds with PowerCLI. Vinith demonstrated the many useful ways of leveraging PowerCLI to manage your vROps environments and also communicate with the vROps API. Huge thanks to Vinith Menon forContinue reading “vROps Webinar Series 2016 – Part 11 – Getting more out of vROps with PowerCLI”

vROps Webinar 2016 – Announcing Part 9 : What’s New with vRealize Operations Manager 6.3

It’s the time of the month when I would like to invite you to join the next episode of our year long vROps Webinar Series. As we move towards winters, we would like to take a zoom out view at the vRealize Operations Manager solution with a What’s New Episode. For the past 8 months,Continue reading “vROps Webinar 2016 – Announcing Part 9 : What’s New with vRealize Operations Manager 6.3”

vRealize Operations 6.3 brings VMware SDDC Health Solution

With vRealize Operations 6.3 out there for close to 3 weeks now, I have seen a number of posts around the new features. What I have not seen being spoken about is this hidden gem called “VMware SDDC Health Solution”. I believe this is the first step towards, monitoring the VMware SDDC Stack using vRealizeContinue reading “vRealize Operations 6.3 brings VMware SDDC Health Solution”