vShield Endpoint Now Available to vSphere Customers!!

With the Introduction of vSphere 5.1, all the editions (essential plus or higher) of vSphere have the vShield Endpoint component bundled along with them. This basically means that you would no longer have to shell out dollars to use the functionality of Endpoint. This enables you to offload the Anti-Virus tasks to a service virtualContinue reading “vShield Endpoint Now Available to vSphere Customers!!”

VMware vSphere 5.1 – What’s new with this version?

As promised, a quick post to see whats changed after 1st day of  VMworld 2012.Well I hope I can keep up with the word QUICK, because of the number of new things VMware has announced in a single day. I will give you the highlights and then some interesting links to follow which will give you tonsContinue reading “VMware vSphere 5.1 – What’s new with this version?”