Part 14: Can I deploy vROps Cluster Nodes Across Two Sites?

YOU CAN, BUT YOU MAY NOT!! This might be the weirdest way to begin a blog post but I wanted to put this word out, loud and clear! Since the release of vRealize Operations 6.0, we all know that vROps can be deployed in a cluster architecture with multiple nodes which bring in resiliency andContinue reading “Part 14: Can I deploy vROps Cluster Nodes Across Two Sites?”

Top vBlog 2015 Voting Open – Payback Time!

Time of the year when Eric Siebert of fame opens up the Top Virtualization Blog voting on his portal. Needless to say that each blogger listed in this ballot has spent hours of his personal time to give you content which has helped you in some way or form. Today, it’s the payback time. YourContinue reading “Top vBlog 2015 Voting Open – Payback Time!”

Recover Deleted Custom Dashboards from vCenter Operations Manager

Some time back, I wrote an article highlighting the custom dashboards which are available out of the box with the release of vCenter Operations Manager 5.7. I have been asked questions about, how these dashboards can be recovered in case someone deletes them accidentally.  In reality these dashboards are a bunch of XML files whichContinue reading “Recover Deleted Custom Dashboards from vCenter Operations Manager”