#vROps Webinar Series – Part 11 – Getting more out of #vROps with PowerCLI

Another month has gone and Christmas is now looming large! It has been extremely busy but we still want to continue with the momentum of webinar series getting to the business end of the year. This time around we will talk about getting more out of vRealize Operations Manager using PowerCLI. This session we will be joinedContinue reading “#vROps Webinar Series – Part 11 – Getting more out of #vROps with PowerCLI”

vROps Webinar 2016 – Announcing Part 9 : What’s New with vRealize Operations Manager 6.3

It’s the time of the month when I would like to invite you to join the next episode of our year long vROps Webinar Series. As we move towards winters, we would like to take a zoom out view at the vRealize Operations Manager solution with a What’s New Episode. For the past 8 months,Continue reading “vROps Webinar 2016 – Announcing Part 9 : What’s New with vRealize Operations Manager 6.3”

vRealize Operations 6.3 brings VMware SDDC Health Solution

With vRealize Operations 6.3 out there for close to 3 weeks now, I have seen a number of posts around the new features. What I have not seen being spoken about is this hidden gem called “VMware SDDC Health Solution”. I believe this is the first step towards, monitoring the VMware SDDC Stack using vRealizeContinue reading “vRealize Operations 6.3 brings VMware SDDC Health Solution”

vRealize LogInsight Upgrade Fails During /etc/hosts Pre-Upgrade Validation.

All this while I have been blogging about vRealize Operations Manager, however the more I work with LogInsight, the more I fall in love with the product and its fantastic capabilities. The good news for me is that both vROps and LogInsight work beautifully together and hence I have another area where I can exploreContinue reading “vRealize LogInsight Upgrade Fails During /etc/hosts Pre-Upgrade Validation.”

vROps Backup – DO NOT quiese the nodes

vRealize operations manager is quickly becoming the backbone of your SDDC and it is important that you always have a sound backup methodology for vROps to ensure that you can recover from a disaster. The backup of vRealize Operations Manager cannot be done through a regular agent based backup. VMware supports only a specific wayContinue reading “vROps Backup – DO NOT quiese the nodes”

Thoughts & Experience around Expanding vROps Clusters

Expanding your existing vRealize Operations Manager Clusters is an activity which you would definitely come across if you have started to operationalize your vRealize Operations Manager investments in your organizations. Photo Credit – http://www.expansionexperts.com In other words, the more you start using the product, the more you want to do with it. Mostly people size theContinue reading “Thoughts & Experience around Expanding vROps Clusters”

Session Timeout for vRealize Operations NOC Dashboard!

Photo Credit – http://indianatelephonenetwork.com/support/network-outages/  Just wanted to share something which I recently learnt about the vROps dashboards and session timeouts for a user. We all know that with vRealize Operations Manager you can use the session timeout feature under Administration -> Global Settings, to control the session timeouts for users. While the default option for thisContinue reading “Session Timeout for vRealize Operations NOC Dashboard!”

vCenter / vRealize Operations Manager Dashboard Repository

This page is a repository of the all the vCenter Operations Manager and vRealize Operations Manager Dashboards. I will continue to add new dashboards to this page from myself and other community members. Feel free to use any of the dashboards in your environment and leave a comment below with your feedback: **************************************************************************************************************************************** NSX LOAD-BALANCERContinue reading “vCenter / vRealize Operations Manager Dashboard Repository”

Want to learn about effective Performance & Capacity Management – See us at VMworld!

With VMworld 2015 San Francisco Edition being right around the corner, I thought it was only fair to share the details of the session which me and Iwan Rahabok, (author of VMware vRealize Operations Performance & Capacity Management  and indeed a great friend) are presenting during VMworld this year. So far we have decided toContinue reading “Want to learn about effective Performance & Capacity Management – See us at VMworld!”

Part 15: Re-initiate Monitoring Goals Wizard in vRealize Operations 6.0!

One of the post in my vROps 6.0 Tutorial was about understanding the Monitoring Goals in vROps 6.0. I would highly recommend that you read that post before you read this article as this one is a follow up on that post where at the end I mentioned : “As I mentioned before, any changesContinue reading “Part 15: Re-initiate Monitoring Goals Wizard in vRealize Operations 6.0!”