Creating a One Click Datacenter Capacity & Cluster Performance Dashboard!

I have got a number of requests in the past to modify the famous Cluster Capacity Dashboard. Today I have modified it to create a similar dashboard which shows the capacity from a Datacenter Point of View. So if you have a large install base of vCenter Operations Manager with multiple Datacenters, you can use this dashboard to have a complete overview of the Datacenter. I call it the Executive Dashboard.

Here is how the dashboard looks like:-

This dashboard allows you to click on the datacenter for which you want to see the capacity overview. At the same time you can see the Top 5 Clusters across all the data-centers with highest amount of IOPS and Memory Usage. As always, I have made it very simple to replicate. You have to download the following files.

EXEC.XML – Click on the link to Download the file and import this to the following location within the UI VM.


Do remember to have this file with the 644 rights to read, write and execute as shown in one of my article from the past. Here is the link:-

Once you have imported that file, you just need to import this another file as dashboard on the vCOps CUSTOM UI. I call it a the EXEC-DASHBOARD.XML (Click to download). In case you do not see the list of datacenters, Edit the Resources Widget on the Left Pane, Browse to Resource Kinds – > Datacenter -> Click on All Attributes once and click on OK. This will get you the list of the clusters and you will be good to go!! –

That’s it.. This should do the trick for you. Please share you comments and feedback on how this vCOps dashboard has helped you with your work.

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Published by Sunny Dua

Sunny Dua works as a Senior Product Line Manager for VMware’s Cloud Management business. His charter is to deliver Multi-Cloud solutions to reduce cloud complexity by leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence. His 16+ years of experience include technical and strategic roles for Hewlett Packard, Capgemini, and VMware. He is a hands-on Product Manager with deep knowledge of Cloud and Enterprise technologies. His current charter includes driving product strategy and roadmap for VMware’s vRealize portfolio within the VMware’s Multi-Cloud strategy.

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