Part 2 – vRealize Operations Federation Management Pack Dashboard Overview

In my previous post, we discussed the design, architecture, installation and configuration of the federation MP. In the second part, I will share the dashboards available with this management pack. These dashboards are targeted towards the Operations, Capacity and Compliance personas. To get more details about this management pack click here. Share and Spread the Knowledge!

Making the most out of your vRealize Operations Manager Investment!

Today’s article is being written by me, however the thought process behind the article comes from Murad Wagh who works as a Sr. Manager, Systems Engineering  at VMware. Murad is a great leader and a master in management products and his thought process is always aligned towards how customers can make full use of their investmentsContinue reading “Making the most out of your vRealize Operations Manager Investment!”

Creating a One Click Datacenter Capacity & Cluster Performance Dashboard!

I have got a number of requests in the past to modify the famous Cluster Capacity Dashboard. Today I have modified it to create a similar dashboard which shows the capacity from a Datacenter Point of View. So if you have a large install base of vCenter Operations Manager with multiple Datacenters, you can useContinue reading “Creating a One Click Datacenter Capacity & Cluster Performance Dashboard!”

Part 1 – Creating One-Click Cluster Capacity Dashboard Using vCOps!

Let me start this article by thanking & welcoming  VEEAM as the first official sponsor of vXpress. Their support to the Virtualization community is invaluable. I would request my readers to have to look at their excellent range of products which helps you Protect & Manage your virtual infrastructure in an effective & modern way. You canContinue reading “Part 1 – Creating One-Click Cluster Capacity Dashboard Using vCOps!”