Part 10 : Reviewing the Global Settings in vRealize Operations Manager!

As a part of the series I am doing on vRealize Operations Manager, I thought it would be useful for readers to know about the Global Settings parameters you can now change from the GUI. These settings were available (most of them) with the previous release known as vCenter Operations Manager, however now these settings are a part of the GUI which makes them easily accessible and configurable.
Through this post, I will tell you about these settings and the various parameters you can tweak and a quick overview of how these parameters can help you customize your vRealize Operations deployment.
So to begin with, let’s look at where these settings are located in the GUI of the Product UI:

Launch the Product UI and click on the Administration Icon and then Global Settings on the left pane.

Once you click on the Global Settings, you will see a list of parameters which can be highlighted and edited by clicking on the “pencil” icon.

The description field on the right gives you a complete view of the effects of changing these settings.

When you click on the edit button, you will get an opportunity to modify all the parameters at once.

Unlike the previous release, you can now change the timeouts, data retention and historical events right from this screen, which in my opinion is a great little enhancement to this new release. To top it all, you no longer have to bump up the services for any of these settings to take effect.

Hope this helps….

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Published by Sunny Dua

Sunny Dua works as a Senior Product Line Manager for VMware’s Cloud Management business. His charter is to deliver Multi-Cloud solutions to reduce cloud complexity by leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence. His 16+ years of experience include technical and strategic roles for Hewlett Packard, Capgemini, and VMware. He is a hands-on Product Manager with deep knowledge of Cloud and Enterprise technologies. His current charter includes driving product strategy and roadmap for VMware’s vRealize portfolio within the VMware’s Multi-Cloud strategy.

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