Session Timeout for vRealize Operations NOC Dashboard!

Photo Credit –  Just wanted to share something which I recently learnt about the vROps dashboards and session timeouts for a user. We all know that with vRealize Operations Manager you can use the session timeout feature under Administration -> Global Settings, to control the session timeouts for users. While the default option for thisContinue reading “Session Timeout for vRealize Operations NOC Dashboard!”

Part 10 : Reviewing the Global Settings in vRealize Operations Manager!

As a part of the series I am doing on vRealize Operations Manager, I thought it would be useful for readers to know about the Global Settings parameters you can now change from the GUI. These settings were available (most of them) with the previous release known as vCenter Operations Manager, however now these settingsContinue reading “Part 10 : Reviewing the Global Settings in vRealize Operations Manager!”