Do It Yourself – vROps Ninja Sticker

In a recent collaboration with Simon Eady, we created a cool vROps sticker which came out really well post production. The sticker represents a Ninja who can solve world problems through vRealize Operations Manager. 
I might have exaggerated the magnitude and capabilites of Mr. Ninja here 😜, but all it symbolises and relates to is a VMware Expert who can be a Ninja when it comes to solving IT problems. Be it Capacity Mangement, Performance Troubleshooting or day to day Operational Nuiances, A Ninja always raises his sword and is ready to face the situation.  
In the world of Virtualization and Software Defined Datacener, whether it is about apps or infratsructure, vRealize Operations can be the sword of Mr. Ninja.
Hence we call this persona a “vROps Ninja”. Here is how Mr. Ninja looks like:
I ordered them from stickermule and they came out really well. This is how the set looks like post production.
While I am giving away all the stickers to people I meet in various VMUGs and the upcoming VMworld in Las Vegas and Barcelona, I have a lot of internal and external requests on how people can create there own Mr. Ninjas 😊😊
With this post, I am essentially sharing the secret sauce.
Here is where you can order them –  (if you order through this link you get a $10 discount.)
I ordered a 3inch x 3inch and it came out as the exact size I wanted. So I would recommend that size to you. You will need a high contrast photo of Mr. Ninja to get the right resolution. Here is the full contrast picture which you can download and use.
So go ahead, create your own Ninjas and use the sword of vRealize Operations Manager to Solve world problems…. 

[UPDATE – November 2018]

We have moved on from the older Ninja Image and created some new variants of Ninja’s. Wanted to share the same with you all to chose from.

Here are the versions:

Self Driving Ninja

vROps Armenia Ninja

vROps India Ninja

vROps Singapore Ninja

So go ahead and pick the one you need.

You can get a $10 credit if you order using the following offer from stickermule.
Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule

Published by Sunny Dua

Sunny Dua works as a Senior Product Line Manager for VMware’s Cloud Management business. His charter is to deliver Multi-Cloud solutions to reduce cloud complexity by leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence. His 16+ years of experience include technical and strategic roles for Hewlett Packard, Capgemini, and VMware. He is a hands-on Product Manager with deep knowledge of Cloud and Enterprise technologies. His current charter includes driving product strategy and roadmap for VMware’s vRealize portfolio within the VMware’s Multi-Cloud strategy.

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