vROps Backup – DO NOT quiese the nodes

vRealize operations manager is quickly becoming the backbone of your SDDC and it is important that you always have a sound backup methodology for vROps to ensure that you can recover from a disaster. The backup of vRealize Operations Manager cannot be done through a regular agent based backup. VMware supports only a specific wayContinue reading “vROps Backup – DO NOT quiese the nodes”

Thoughts & Experience around Expanding vROps Clusters

Expanding your existing vRealize Operations Manager Clusters is an activity which you would definitely come across if you have started to operationalize your vRealize Operations Manager investments in your organizations. Photo Credit –¬†http://www.expansionexperts.com In other words, the more you start using the product, the more you want to do with it. Mostly people size theContinue reading “Thoughts & Experience around Expanding vROps Clusters”