Remove "All vCenter Server" option from vROps Authentication Source

A quick post to share a handy option which is available on vROps version 6.1 and above. We all know that their are multiple methods to authenticate a user to login in vRealize Operations Manager. I have usually seen organizations starting with their vROps journey using the vCenter Authentication option which comes out of theContinue reading “Remove "All vCenter Server" option from vROps Authentication Source”

Thoughts & Experience around Expanding vROps Clusters

Expanding your existing vRealize Operations Manager Clusters is an activity which you would definitely come across if you have started to operationalize your vRealize Operations Manager investments in your organizations. Photo Credit – In other words, the more you start using the product, the more you want to do with it. Mostly people size theContinue reading “Thoughts & Experience around Expanding vROps Clusters”

Session Timeout for vRealize Operations NOC Dashboard!

Photo Credit –  Just wanted to share something which I recently learnt about the vROps dashboards and session timeouts for a user. We all know that with vRealize Operations Manager you can use the session timeout feature under Administration -> Global Settings, to control the session timeouts for users. While the default option for thisContinue reading “Session Timeout for vRealize Operations NOC Dashboard!”

vROps Webinar 2016 : Part 2 : Understanding vROps Policies

I am glad to share that the vROps Webinar Series took a step ahead towards the year long commitment of providing quality content on vRealize Operations Manager. We successfully delivered the most awaited session on vROps Policies. Please remember that this is an introductory session to policies and we intend to go deeper into policiesContinue reading “vROps Webinar 2016 : Part 2 : Understanding vROps Policies”

Virtual Machine Capacity Profiles in vRealize Operations 6.1

Let me start this article with this statement, “vRealize Operations Manager 6.1 is probably the best UI for an enterprise Performance, Capacity or Monitoring tool I have ever seen”. I must congratulate the VMware R&D folks and the Product Management to transform vCenter Operations to vRealize Operations in a beautiful way. Yes I work for VMwareContinue reading “Virtual Machine Capacity Profiles in vRealize Operations 6.1”