What’s New with vROps 6.6 on VMware Communities Roundtables Podcast

Podcast are the modern blogs. The only difference is that you hear the opinion of the person instead of reading them. I guess that makes it powerful since you can be anywhere, doing anything and tune into a podcast and hopefully learn from it. If the topic is of your interest, then it is likeContinue reading “What’s New with vROps 6.6 on VMware Communities Roundtables Podcast”

How is your IT infrastructure being managed?

Recently I got a chance to be on a podcast with the team of cloudinsiders.fm. I had some great discussions with the hosts and my co-speaker Simon Eady about Cloud Management. Here are the details of the episode and a link to the podcast. Hope you enjoy it and most importantly find it useful… CloudContinue reading “How is your IT infrastructure being managed?”