Did You Know #2 – Leveraging vROps Remote Collectors for Local Adapters!

In this part of the “Did You Know” series, I will talk about a small architectural tip which will not only help you enhance the performance of your vRealize Operations Manager cluster, it will also save you from up-sizing the cluster from let’s say, medium to large nodes and at the end of the dayContinue reading “Did You Know #2 – Leveraging vROps Remote Collectors for Local Adapters!”

vROps Webinar 2016 : Part 5 – Design & Deployment Considerations

As promised, I am posting the recording for the 5th Session of vROps Webinar Series 2016. Both Simon and I successfully delivered the session on Design and Deployment considerations. Session Details:- In this installment of the series, we discussed the steps and thought processes that should be used before and during the design and deployment of vRealize Operations Manager. DuringContinue reading “vROps Webinar 2016 : Part 5 – Design & Deployment Considerations”

vROps Webinar 2016 – Announcing Part 5 : Design & Deployment Considerations

Time to announce the next part of the year long webinar series on vRealize Operations Manager. This time around, Simon and I thought about discussing Architecture of vROps. To some, it might sound strange as for smaller deployments you might not have to worry about Sizing and Architecture much since it is pretty simple toContinue reading “vROps Webinar 2016 – Announcing Part 5 : Design & Deployment Considerations”

Part 4 – vRealize Operations Manager Deployment Models!

Now that we are aware of the new features and the architecture of vRealize Operations Manager, with this post I will talk about the various deployment models which are possible while deploying vROps 6.0 in your infrastructure. I will be writing about the options available to those who are already running on vCOps 5.x forContinue reading “Part 4 – vRealize Operations Manager Deployment Models!”