vRealize Operations Manager 6.0 Tutorial!

With the announcement of vRealize Operations Manager 6.0, here is the page which I am dedicating to all I will write about the 6.0. This is similar to the back to basics series I wrote on vROps 6.0. I will keep updating the page as I publish more content on the new release!! Stay Tuned…Continue reading “vRealize Operations Manager 6.0 Tutorial!”

Part 4 – vRealize Operations Manager Deployment Models!

Now that we are aware of the new features and the architecture of vRealize Operations Manager, with this post I will talk about the various deployment models which are possible while deploying vROps 6.0 in your infrastructure. I will be writing about the options available to those who are already running on vCOps 5.x forContinue reading “Part 4 – vRealize Operations Manager Deployment Models!”

Part 3: High Availability options with vRealize Operations Manager!

With this part of the series, I will start right from where I left in my last article.┬áIn the previous post, I spoke about the architecture of vROps along with the various services and node types which are available with this release. At the end of that article, I spoke about the benefit of havingContinue reading “Part 3: High Availability options with vRealize Operations Manager!”

Part 2 : vRealize Operations Manager Architecture Deep-dive!

In my previous post I gave you an overview of vRealize Operations Manager 6.0. In that post, I have spoken briefly about the architectural changes or differences between vCOps 5.x and vROps 6.0. With this post, I will take it a few levels deeper to explain the entire architecture of vROps 6.0 One of theContinue reading “Part 2 : vRealize Operations Manager Architecture Deep-dive!”

Part 1 : vCOps 5.x to vROps 6.0 – Intelligent Operations from Apps to Storage!

Back in the month of August, I had an opportunity to get an early interface to vRealize Operations Manager. I jumped out of the seat when I saw the new UI and the amazing features. As much I wanted to share the goodness of this version of vCOps now called vROps, I knew that IContinue reading “Part 1 : vCOps 5.x to vROps 6.0 – Intelligent Operations from Apps to Storage!”