Using "Shrink Cluster" feature of vRealize Operations 6.7

vRealize Operations 6.7 comes with a new functionality which allows you to reduce the number of nodes in your vRealize Operations cluster. This feature of vRealize Operations is to meet the following use cases: 1. Scale up your vRealize Operations nodes to extra-large nodes – If you wish to scale down the number of nodesContinue reading “Using "Shrink Cluster" feature of vRealize Operations 6.7”

Scaling up vRealize Operations Manager Nodes!

This is a quick note to give you tips around scaling up vRealize Operations Nodes. In one of the vROps Webinar episodes we did touch upon the topic of Design Considerations for vRealize Operations Manager.  During that discussion, I do talk about the fact that you can scale out or scale up the vROps clusterContinue reading “Scaling up vRealize Operations Manager Nodes!”

Right Sizing vCenter Operations Manager vApp For Efficient Performance !!

Out of a recent engagement on vCenter Operations Manager, the most important discussion point which came out was the sizing of vCOPS vAPP. There were other discussions as well which are interesting and I would write and share about those facts, however I thought this should be a good start towards understanding what vCOPS canContinue reading “Right Sizing vCenter Operations Manager vApp For Efficient Performance !!”