Part 5 – Performance Troubleshooting Dashboards in vRealize Operations 6.6.

Hope you are enjoying the What’s New with vROps 6.6 Series. I am having a great time writing this, since my experience as a user of vROps has completely turned around with this release. In this post, we will continue talking about the rich & use case driven out of the box content available inContinue reading “Part 5 – Performance Troubleshooting Dashboards in vRealize Operations 6.6.”

Scaling up vRealize Operations Manager Nodes!

This is a quick note to give you tips around scaling up vRealize Operations Nodes. In one of the vROps Webinar episodes we did touch upon the topic of Design Considerations for vRealize Operations Manager.  During that discussion, I do talk about the fact that you can scale out or scale up the vROps clusterContinue reading “Scaling up vRealize Operations Manager Nodes!”

Part 2 : vRealize Operations Manager Architecture Deep-dive!

In my previous post I gave you an overview of vRealize Operations Manager 6.0. In that post, I have spoken briefly about the architectural changes or differences between vCOps 5.x and vROps 6.0. With this post, I will take it a few levels deeper to explain the entire architecture of vROps 6.0 One of theContinue reading “Part 2 : vRealize Operations Manager Architecture Deep-dive!”