Best Practices around using RDMs in vSphere!

One of VMware’s partner engineer raised this query on an internal group. He wanted to understand and learn the best practices or the Do’s and the Don’ts while using RDM (Raw Device Mappings) Luns in a vSphere environment. I hope you being a reader understand what an RDM is and what role does it playContinue reading “Best Practices around using RDMs in vSphere!”

Providing Protection & High Availability to a VMware vCenter Server..

vCenter being the heart of a virtual infrastructure can be considered as one of the most important piece of the puzzle. I have had numerous discussions with customers, colleagues and VMware partners about the importance of vCenter Availability and the options to protect the vCenter to improve the up-time and mitigate any risks around losing the control of yourContinue reading “Providing Protection & High Availability to a VMware vCenter Server..”