vCenter Heartbeat End of Availability

For those of you who have used vCenter Heartbeat to protect your vCenter instances, please be aware that VMware has announced the end of its availability as of today, June 2 2014. Don’t worry though if you’re using it today; the current iteration will be supported through late 2018. What does that mean? Are we gettingContinue reading “vCenter Heartbeat End of Availability”

Providing Protection & High Availability to a VMware vCenter Server..

vCenter being the heart of a virtual infrastructure can be considered as one of the most important piece of the puzzle. I have had numerous discussions with customers, colleagues and VMware partners about the importance of vCenter Availability and the options to protect the vCenter to improve the up-time and mitigate any risks around losing the control of yourContinue reading “Providing Protection & High Availability to a VMware vCenter Server..”