vShield Endpoint Now Available to vSphere Customers!!

With the Introduction of vSphere 5.1, all the editions (essential plus or higher) of vSphere have the vShield Endpoint component bundled along with them. This basically means that you would no longer have to shell out dollars to use the functionality of Endpoint. This enables you to offload the Anti-Virus tasks to a service virtualContinue reading “vShield Endpoint Now Available to vSphere Customers!!”

VMware vCloud Suite makes Software Defined Data-centers a Reality!!

In one of my previous posts I wrote about VMware vSphere 5.1 – What’s new with this version?, however now it is time to talk about VMware’s vCloud Suite which was launched at VMworld 2012, San Francisco. As you might have heard it was the most comprehensive release of VMware or for that matter any software vendorContinue reading “VMware vCloud Suite makes Software Defined Data-centers a Reality!!”

Applications you can Virtualize on VMware vSphere Platform

Everytime I jump into any consolidation project, the first question I face is usually about whether the applications which are currently running on a Physical Server can be Virtualized or not. In-fact  their have been situations when I have got a list of 800 applications from one of our Partners to know if they can beContinue reading “Applications you can Virtualize on VMware vSphere Platform”

VMware vCenter Server – Physical vs. Virtual

This post is coming straight out of discussions I had with a client about, “How a vCenter Server should be deployed?”. Since vCenter manages a virtual infrastructure you can either install it on a physical x86 server or as a Virtual Machine. vCenter is an important machine and I have written about the importance of Protecting theContinue reading “VMware vCenter Server – Physical vs. Virtual”

Choosing the Platform for your Virtual Center. vCenter Server Appliance(vCSA-Linux) vs vCenter (Windows)!!

With the release of vSphere 5.0 in 2011, VMware just increased the options for its customers to chose between the traditional vCenter Server which was installed on a 64 bit Windows OS and the freshly baked, Linux Based – vCSA (vCenter Server Appliance). Though the intention behind this does not look like going away fromContinue reading “Choosing the Platform for your Virtual Center. vCenter Server Appliance(vCSA-Linux) vs vCenter (Windows)!!”

Providing Protection & High Availability to a VMware vCenter Server..

vCenter being the heart of a virtual infrastructure can be considered as one of the most important piece of the puzzle. I have had numerous discussions with customers, colleagues and VMware partners about the importance of vCenter Availability and the options to protect the vCenter to improve the up-time and mitigate any risks around losing the control of yourContinue reading “Providing Protection & High Availability to a VMware vCenter Server..”

Changing Swap file Location of VMware vSphere Virtual Machines

While working on a SRM project for a customer, I came across a situation where the customer wanted to minimize the amount of data which we need to replicate at the storage layer for the virtual machines to be available at the DR Site. We are using Storage Array based replication and not vSphere ReplicationContinue reading “Changing Swap file Location of VMware vSphere Virtual Machines”

Oracle Licensing & Support in VMware vSphere Environments

I believe this is one of the most controversial and confusing topic when it comes to licensing of Oracle Applications/Databases on a Virtual Machine running on VMware vSphere platform. During discussions with my colleagues and customers, we debated on some excellent points on this topic. I thought it would be worth blogging about this to spread the correctContinue reading “Oracle Licensing & Support in VMware vSphere Environments”

Using vSphere Replication with VMware Site Recovery Manager !!

Today was the SRM day at office, so I thought lets get all the discussions together and put them in an article which would help others as well. I will do it in a question and answer format to make it easier for the audiences of this article… Note: – This is primarily focused onContinue reading “Using vSphere Replication with VMware Site Recovery Manager !!”

vSphere 5.1 – The ROOT access is no longer COMMON

Just wanted to give you a bite into the new and enhanced ESXi 5.1 feature which improves the way Administrators access the Shell of ESXi. The traditional way of accessing the highest privileges on an ESXi shell was to use the “root” account. Even if you are a LDAP user or a locally added user on theContinue reading “vSphere 5.1 – The ROOT access is no longer COMMON”