Part 4 – Capacity & Utilization Dashboards in vRealize Operations 6.6.

Welcome back to the vROps 6.6 What’s New Series. In the last post of this series we took a tour of the dashboards which help you run production IT Operations. In this post we will move a step forward and cater to the personas in an organization who are responsible for managing existing capacity and planContinue reading “Part 4 – Capacity & Utilization Dashboards in vRealize Operations 6.6.”

Part 3 – Operations Dashboards in vRealize Operations 6.6.

In my last post I gave you an overview of the new user interface of vRealize Operations 6.6 along with some other important enhancements. Do go through that post to get a context of what we are going to discuss here.With the introduction of Getting Started page within dashboards, one of the categories which is availableContinue reading “Part 3 – Operations Dashboards in vRealize Operations 6.6.”

Part 2 – Introduction to vRealize Operations Manager 6.6 User Interface.

In my previous post I gave you a high level overview of What’s New with vRealize Operations 6.6. In continuation to that post, I will deep dive into each of the areas which are worth noticing in this release and will help you learn more about how you can use vROps to make day toContinue reading “Part 2 – Introduction to vRealize Operations Manager 6.6 User Interface.”

Do It Yourself – vROps Ninja Sticker

In a recent collaboration with Simon Eady, we created a cool vROps sticker which came out really well post production. The sticker represents a Ninja who can solve world problems through vRealize Operations Manager.  I might have exaggerated the magnitude and capabilites of Mr. Ninja here 😜, but all it symbolises and relates to is aContinue reading “Do It Yourself – vROps Ninja Sticker”

Top vBlog 2017 – Time to Choose the Top Blogs in the Virtualization Space!

Eric Siebert recently opened the Top vBlog 2017 voting on vSphere-Land. Like every year, it is important that we vote the best in business to keep the bloggers motivated. So let’s pay back from the community to the bloggers by showing some love for their content and efforts. It is a democratic process and hence I wouldContinue reading “Top vBlog 2017 – Time to Choose the Top Blogs in the Virtualization Space!”

Take a Lab & Win a Drone!

While we all know that hands on lab at VMware is one of the best place to learn about VMware products, the cloud management business unit (CMBU) at VMware will take your experience of HOL at a completely different level. I am talking about the levels at which drones fly 😜😜😜😜 Last day to registerContinue reading “Take a Lab & Win a Drone!”

vROps Webinar Series 2017 – Part 2- Full Stack monitoring with vRealize Operations Manager

Time to share the recording of the second episode of the vROps Webinar Series 2017. This time around we were joined by Craig Lee and Brock Peterson from Blue Medora to talk about “Full Stack Visibility” which vROps can provide by using various extensibility solutions. We discussed the following use cases and demonstrated them in live environments: Use Case 1 – Full-StackContinue reading “vROps Webinar Series 2017 – Part 2- Full Stack monitoring with vRealize Operations Manager”

vROps Webinar 2017 – Announcing Part 2 : "Full Stack" monitoring with vRealize Operations Manager

As promised, vROps Webinar Series 2017 is back with the second episode of the year. Last time around we looked closely into the features of vROps 6.5 and as stated during that webinar, we will now show you how you can unlock the full capabilities of vROps using the extensibility of the platform. If youContinue reading “vROps Webinar 2017 – Announcing Part 2 : "Full Stack" monitoring with vRealize Operations Manager”

Automatically upgrade EPOps Agents using vROps 6.5

During the first episode of vROps Webinar Series, someone asked a question about how to upgrade the end point operations agents automatically using vROps UI. The feature is available with vROps 6.5 admin UI. The vROps 6.5 documentation is pretty comprehensive and one can easily find the steps here. Here is the extract from thatContinue reading “Automatically upgrade EPOps Agents using vROps 6.5”

How is your IT infrastructure being managed?

Recently I got a chance to be on a podcast with the team of I had some great discussions with the hosts and my co-speaker Simon Eady about Cloud Management. Here are the details of the episode and a link to the podcast. Hope you enjoy it and most importantly find it useful… CloudContinue reading “How is your IT infrastructure being managed?”